advertising case: Mercedes-benz


 Mercedes Benz case (large)

Above: an example of one of the interactive experiences developed by Mercedes-Benz and AMV BBDO

For decades, Mercedes-Benz’s image was regarded in the UK as staid, sedate and conservative in the prestige sector, the choice of the older driver.

However, with the introduction of a financial arrangement known as personal contract purchasing in 2010 the entry cost for buying one of the brand's cars was significantly reduced.

Mercedes therefore needed a brand refit and. To do this, it worked with the UK agency, AMV BBDO, to provide mass, interactive experiences which restyled Mercedes as dynamic, jeopardous and stimulating.

These included games and interactive tools that were linked to TV advertising and shared via social media.  Screen prompts in the TV spots prompted consumers to engage with the brand digitally, a very different experience from its history.

 As a result, over three-and-half years Mercedes has gone on to become the fastest-growing car brand in the prestige sector, registering a 45% increase in annual sales, a campaign ROMI of 1.11 and a new brand model fit to make considerable further gains.

The full version of this case study is available on the IPA website.