Measuring the Craft Economy

This report, published by the Crafts Council, analyses data from several sources to provide a fuller estimate than the official government statistics of the economic impact of individuals and businesses working in craft-based occupations.

It includes analysis of the Annual Population Survey and the Annual Business Survey, including micro businesses often neglected in surveys.

Publication date: March 2015.

Download report.



Craft in an Age of Change

Craft in an Age of Change is a major survey of contemporary craft at the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century. It examines the place of craft in the creative economy and the working patterns of makers and other craft professionals.

Publication date: February 2012.


ConsumingcraftConsuming Craft: the contemporary craft market in a changing economy

Consuming Craft provides evidence of the craft sector’s economic impact from a market perspective.

Publication date: June 2010.


MakingvalueMaking Value: craft & the economic and social contribution of makers

Making Value explores the contribution of makers within industry, education and community settings.

Publication date: June 2010.


Crafting Capital: New technologies, new economies

Crafting Capital explores how collaboration accelerates innovation.

All publications can be downloaded from the Research and Information section of the Crafts Council website.