design case: OMK Design Ltd/Kinsman Associates


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Above: the Seville bench was commissioned for the Seville Expo and has won awards for OMK Designs Ltd/Kinsman Associates. Image: ©Kinsman Associates.

Established in 1965, OMK Design Ltd are specialists in design and manufacture of public seating and have been commissioned to supply more than 200 major rail, ferry and airport terminals worldwide.

In addition to the Seville bench system shown here, the company - founded by Rodney Kinsman (below) range includes the established Trax modular system and the newer T500.

Recent projects have included JFK International Airport, Liege Municipal Centre, Brussels Airport, USAF OSAN and Yokota, NYC Bus Terminal and Marseille International Airport.

The company has received many awards and accolades during its history including being named in the Design Council's list of Millennium Products, and winning awards such as the Industrial Design Designers' Choice (USA), the Smau Design Premier Industriali (Italy), and a British Design Award.

It believes London is a "design hub", and offers easy access to its overseas clients, a point which is underlined by its experience of working with partners worldwide.

Rodney Kinsman (400px wide)

Above: Rodney Kinsman, founder of OMK Designs Ltd/Kinsman Associates. Image: © Kinsman Associates.

Kinsman says: "We work on a daily basis with international architects on major airport terminals and are currently supplying 24,000 customised seats for the new airport terminals in Jedda and Medina. Both are collaborative projects with international architects based in London.

"In addition, we previously had a 20-year contract with an Italian company for the licence and manufacture of some of our products."

Asked to nominate an innovative UK designer, Kinsman agrees with several of his peers in choosing Thomas Heatherwick whose work he describes as both "multi-disciplined" and "hugely innovative".

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