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Above: Tom Lloyd (left) and Luke Pearson (right) bring London's energy to their work. Image copyright: Mark Cocksedge.

From redesigning the business class seat and cabin of the Lufthansa airline to rethinking workplace design via a collaboration with Austrian furniture brand, Bene, the London-based design team, PearsonLLoyd, has won recognition across a number of different fields.

The studio's founders, Luke Pearson and Tom LLoyd, praise the inspiration they draw from their home city.

They say: "We have lived and worked in London for the last 25 years. London's power and energy across all walks of life, creativity and business is intoxicating. Working here allows us to understand and use this energy in our work for clients all over the world."

Established in 1997, the company has eight employees and a porfolio that includes work for Virgin Atlantic, Walter Knoll, Tacchini and the aforementioned, Bene.

Peter Handlgruber, of Bene, says: "Our co-operation with PearsonLloyd has been very successful for Bene. This can be proven by sales figures, several international design awards and by our high brand recognition in the market.

"The PearsonLloyd process of concept and design work is profound, state of the art and fast regarding time to market and efficiency."

The company's awards roster includes the iF Product Design Award (Germany), the Focus Open Badden-Wurttemburg Award (Germany), Interior Innovation Award (Germany), Good Design Award (USA), D&AD Award (UK), Red Dot Award (Germany) and Design Guild Mark (UK).

 Lufthansa (640px)

Above, the new Lufthansa business class seat designed by PearsonLloyd. Image copyright: PearsonLLoyd.

Asked to nominate an innovative UK designer at work today, the duo name Paul Cocksedge whom they describe as "part inventor, part magician and part designer".  

They say: " a unique talent in the industry. His work has a rare quality that never ceases to surprise and delight those who experience it."

They say: "London is, and has been for decades, a centre for creative disciplines and culture. It’s a very exciting and dynamic place with a very high level of critical debate. London is an exceptionally diverse and international city with an incredible energy, making it a rich and rewarding place to work.

"The UK's history over the last two hundred years mixes the very best in the liberal arts, engineering innovation, critical thinking and business entrepreneurialism. This amazing mix has helped to breed a culture of design excellence that is hard to beat on the global stage."

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