games case: Space ape

Space Ape

Above: Space Ape, winner of a 2015  h.Club 100 Award. Image source: h.Club 100 Awards.

Founded in 2012 by former employees from EA, Playfish and Mind Candy, Space Ape is the mobile games developer behind the hugely popular SAMURAI SIEGE (2013-), and a winner of a 2015 h.Club 100 Award in the games category.

It believes that the trait nearly all of the most successful games on mobile and tablet have in common is that they were made by talented teams with lots of experience working together.

The team is behind a #1 game on Facebook, two #2 games on facebook, and one of the biggest virtual worlds for kids on the planet. With Samurai Siege, it had a US top 50 grossing app (top 10 in some countries) played by more than 10m people, and Rival Kingdoms – critically acclaimed, awarded a global Editors Choice featuring by Apple and downloaded millions of times in the first few months.

The company says: "We love great tech. Not for its own sake but because we make games for big audiences and that means it’s got to work all the time. Because we are in a competitive space and that means we need to be fast and efficient. We are serious about sprint management. It’s good for our game, and keeps us focused."

In December 2014, the company closed a $7m round of funding. It  alsowon the Develop Industry Excellence Award for “New Studio” 2014.