games case: greenshoots programme


Salvage (600px)

Above: a screenshot from 'Salvage', a game funded as part of a partnership between Creative England and Microsoft.

A significant partnership for Creative England has been the Greenshoots programme, an initiative with Microsoft to help independent game developers succeed in the mobile games industry by offering 10 of England’s most innovative developers up to £25,000 to support the development of new games for mobile and tablet platforms. 

Since the investment, Team Football Ltd, who received £25,000 funding, have gone on to become a full time developer and publisher for cross-platform mobile games, and secured deals with France and Japan to provide the official game for their national football teams at the World Cup. More countries are expected to follow.

Another success story comes from Midlands-based Mad Fellows, whose Greenshoots-funded game ‘Salvage’ has been nominated for a 2014 Develop Award for Audio Accomplishment alongside the likes of EA’s Battlefield 4 and Ubisoft’s Rayman Legends and a host of other incredible games.

GreenShoots has already helped to safeguard 27 jobs in the UK gaming industry across the 10 studios funded, with a further 36 roles predicted in following months.

The programme will help kick-start development of new IP and enable the companies to reach a global audience. As a further incentive, developers only pay back the investment when they are making money from their games.