case: Peter Florence, Hay Festival


Peter Florence

Above: Hay Festival's Peter Florence. Image source: h.Club 100 Awards.

Peter Florence is Director of Hay Festival, which has expanded from a small festival on the Welsh borders, to an international brand including events in Peru, Bangladesh, Mexico, Ireland and Spain.

In 2015 he was one the winners of the publishing & writing category in the h.Club 100 Awards.

For 28 years Hay Festival has brought together writers from around the world to debate and share stories. Hay celebrates great writing from poets and scientists, lyricists and comedians, novelists and environmentalists, and the power of great ideas to transform our way of thinking.

Bill Clinton's called it 'The Woodstock of the mind' and the Festival has a global partnership with the BBC.

Founded around a kitchen table in 1987, the Festival continues to attract the most exciting writers,
filmmakers, comedians, politicians and musicians to inspire, delight and entertain.