UK TV & Film

UK TV & Film

The UK TV and Film sector is an international success story. (Image credit: Idris Elba, at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for Turner.)

TV & Film: Why the UK? TV & Film: Why the UK?

Reasons why the UK's TV & Film sector attracts investors, customers and partners from all parts of the world.

TV & Film: Facts and Figures TV & Film: Facts and Figures

This page includes links to key statistics about the UK's television and film industries.

TV & Film: Case Studies TV & Film: Case Studies

Case studies of leading industry players, events and award programmes. (Picture credit: copyright of BBC Worldwide, used with permission.)

TV & Film: Contacts TV & Film Contacts

Where to go for further information on the UK's TV and film industries.

China-UK TV collaboration China-UK TV collaboration

Chinese and UK TV producers are embracing opportunities to collaborate.

Showreel: Kidscreen 2019 Showreel: Kidscreen 2019

Sample the best of UK-made children's TV.

NEWS: Record TV income NEWS: Record TV income

UK TV production revenues have grown by a third in the last decade.

TV: UK and India sign TV agreement TV: UK and India sign TV agreement

A new agreement is designed to bring UK and Indian TV and film producers closer together.

UK Independent Film Sector UK Independent Film Sector

The case for supporting medium budget independent UK films.

TV, film and digital media - a UKTI report TV, film and digital media - a UKTI report

The UK creates content that is shown on TV, cinema and computer screens round the world.

Post-Production Report Post-Production Report

Read about what the UK can offer visual effects companies and clients.

TV: Video interviews TV: Video interviews

Why does UK television attract an international following? Industry leaders explain.