film case: MPC


The UK's world-class film industry environment has been a key factor behind the success of MPC (the Moving Picture Company), a UK post-production facility creating high-end digital visual effects and computer animation for feature films, advertising, music and television. MPC is a Technicolor company based in London’s Soho, recently setting up overseas studios in New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver and Bangalore.

Global MD Mark Benson says: “We have experienced enormous growth in the last five years, expanding beyond one city, London, to five international centres today. We have become a much more global entity, regularly working with international companies from a wide range of overseas markets, including the big Hollywood studios and main global advertising groups. We are now looking to move further into the new and growing markets of the Far East and Asia.

“Our growth is symptomatic of the increasing success of the UK film industry as a whole. Government tax breaks are highly encouraging of pre and post-production work coming to the UK, as is a favourable exchange rate. But most fundamentally the UK film industry offers a fabulous product – the ability to do best-in-class work that, in my opinion, is at least as good as anywhere else in the world.

“We also have an incredibly skilled workforce, which can deliver the best-quality work within increasingly short timeframes and deadlines. This creative talent is supported by an infrastructure that meets the needs of an ever-more demanding and pressurised industry. The UK has done a great job in finding the production tools and pipelines to enable this to happen.

“Nowhere is this more true than in London, particularly Soho, which has always had a strong film heritage. For young, emerging talent, who could easily travel the world working on projects, the capital is a highly attractive proposition, it’s a fun place to be!”

He concludes: “Nothing is forever of course, and we have to continue to push forward as an industry to ensure that we remain competitive and viable in the future. However, all the foundations are in place, and the quality of our talent, our passion for delivering excellence and our latent and creative competitive ambition will prove critical factors in ensuring that the UK film industry remains as competitive as ever.”