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Creative Industries data tool


A Government data tool enables you to visualise trends over time in the development of the creative industries and other areas covered by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport. 

Employment Map 600px


(Above: A new tool enables users to visualise statistics and trends from the creative industries) 



Creative Industries Value Infographic (Nov 2018)

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The Gross Value Added (GVA) of the UK creative industries was provisionally estimated at £101.5bn in 2017, equivalent to approximately £11.5m every hour. Since 2016, the GVA of the creative industries has increased by 7.1 per cent. Between 2010 and 2017, GVA rose by 53.1 per cent in the creative industries - much faster than the 29.7 per cent increase in the economy as a whole during the same period.

Updated: November 2018.


UK creative economy - jobs

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The UK creative economy comprises jobs in the creative industries and creative jobs which are in non-creative organisations (e.g. design or marketing teams within manufacturers). It comprises an estimated 3.12m jobs or 1 in 11 of all UK jobs.

Published: June 2019.


UK creative industries - exports

 Exports infographic medium

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The UK creative industries exported £27bn of services in 2016, the latest available year of data. Exports of creative services account for 11 per cent of all UK service exports, and grew by 27.4 per cent between 2015 and 2016.

Published: July 2018.



email signatures

Download images you can use as email signatures based on the value (Gross Value Added) generated by the creative industries every hour, every day or per head of UK population.



Politicians' perceptions of the creative industries

Working with Dod's Information, this website conducts annual surveys of perceptions of the UK creative industries among Members of the UK Parliament. 

 MP Perceptions Bar Chart

Published: January 2016.

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MPs perceptions Arrow Chart (600px)

Published: January 2016.

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You can also download an infographic on devolution here.


Nesta interactive visualisations


Nesta has created a series of interactive data visualisations of the UK creative economy. This includes visualisations of who hires creatives, a geographical map of the creative industries and a visualisation of the creative economy workforce.