Election manifesto for creative Industries

The Creative Industries Federation has published a general election manifesto for the creative industries. 

The Federation, which is independent of Government and funded by Federation members, argues that the creative industries are the fastest growing part of the economy and created three times more jobs than the rest of the economy between 2011 and 2015. It believes creative industries can "help secure an economy and society that works for all" in a post-Brexit Britain, provided the "right vision, leadership and policies are in place".

It has identified 10 priorities to ensure that creative industries, the arts and cultural education thrive. These include:

  • Making the creative industries a priority sector in Brexit negotiations
  • Ensuring the UK visa system recognises the importance of the innovative creative, tech and science sectors
  • Establishing creative enterprise zones and a booster business network for creative businesses
  • Setting up a creative skills commission

Read more about the manifesto.